kotak.emas.design was founded by graphic designer asri radhitanti in 2008. it was then abridged into k.e.d two years later.

asri started her career as a graphic designer after graduating in 2001 from bandung institute of technology, majoring in visual communication design. her first job as a full-time graphic designer was for tempo magazine, then continued for cosmopolitan magazine indonesia until 2006. for some reasons, she decided to go back and settled in her home-town. she then started to work as a part-time lecturer in visual communication design. besides lecturing, she also works as an independent graphic design consultant for a number of clients. you can learn more about her work here. in mid 2010, she began to produce her own line of stationery and paper goods.

typography, textiles, patterns, vintage, and traditional stuff are most of the things that inspires her much. she enjoys sharing her inspirations, daily life, and design process on her blog, and the story goes.

asri currently lives in bandung, west java, indonesia, with her husband and their lovely curly daughter.

please email kotak.emas.design(at)gmail.com for futher questions :)